Essential Oils: My Journey

The Beginning Of My Essential Oils Journey

I finished my Holistic Health Practitioner training in the summer of 1990 in beautiful San Diego, CA.   At that time essential oils were something we only used in massage oils. Looking back on things, people didn’t understand the health benefits of essential oils.

Today, I along with thousands of people across the world are turning to essential oils for the health benefits they deliver over that of traditional medicine.

While I was introduced to essential oils during the late 80’s and early 90’s, my true essential oils journey started when family health issues reared their ugly head.  My sister and my niece Natascha are always extolling the benefits of essential oils.  You know the type, there’s an essential oil for everything!

All I knew about essential oils were they smelled great and worked when mixed with a carrier oil to relax and soothe the body when applied.  I won’t say I was a skeptic when it came their claims, but I was doubtful.

The Journey Begins

First, I started with something harmless, their homemade face moisturizer.  After 5 days of use the fine lines around the eyes that come with age started to fade.  Within two months, they were all but gone, sure if I squint you can see them, but I was sold on the face moisturizer.

Second, came the toothpaste, hey who doesn’t love fresher breath and a longer lasting clean mouth feeling?  Ok, maybe they’re on to something here!  Younger looking skin and a fresher feeling mouth, I couldn’t deny the results no matter how hard I tried.

And finally, Frankincense essential oil.  I started taking two drops daily in twelve ounces of water as a kidney purifier.  That pain in my back, I was blaming on a bad mattress, disappeared within three days.  Guess what, on day four I passed a kidney stone.

Where I Find Myself Now

Well, three positive experiences later, the skeptic in me packed his bags and moved on to a new topic.  I started researching different uses for essential oils and playing around with some recipes for everything from joint pain to lip balm and they all worked!

Becoming a Young Living Independent Distributor was a no brainer for me, 24% off all my oils and the ability to be a resource for others on their essential oils journey, sign me up!

Why I Chose Young Living Essential Oils

I stopped by the local Sprouts to pick up a bottle of essential lemon oil.  As I was comparing the different brands the women who works the oils aisle very sternly told me these oils were not for consumption.  HUH? I’ve never heard this, so back to the research I went, turns out not all essential oils are created equally.

Essential Oils Seed to SealSome companies dilute their oils with solutions that aren’t fit for human consumption.  After researching companies, reading their literature, and speaking with the family Essential Oil Yogi Natascha, I chose Young Living Essential Oils for their reputation and their industry leading “Seed to Soil” standard for essential oil purity and authenticity.

As I continue my journey I’ll be sharing my experience and triumphs along with some of the recipes I’m using to make life less toxic and more natural.  If you have any questions or want to learn more about essential oils feel free to reach out.